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Wali Systems was founded in 2001 and has been providing software solutions to the companies all over the world since then. We offer cost effective solutions to small, medium and large businesses. We are SharePoint experts. No one knows SharePoint better than us. We can help you with your SharePoint development and deployment. Our developers are fake rolex well trained. We develop top quality SharePoint and InfoPath applications. You can rely on us for all your SharePoint and InfoPath development needs. You can own your own development team in our offshore development center.

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103 SharePoint: Working with radio buttons and check boxes Learn how to use radio buttons and check boxes in InfoPath
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102 SharePoint: Copying InfoPath attachments from one location to another Copy InfoPath attachments from one section to another.
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101 SharePoint: Setting expiration date in a content type policy Learn how to set expiration date in a content policy
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100 SharePoint: Creating List Definition and WSP for a SharePoint List Learn how to create a list definition and a WSP for a SharePoint list. Learn how to use Solution Generator.
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99 SharePoint: Managing older versions of InfoPath forms Tip that shows how one can automatically update the olders versions of InfoPath forms
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Latest SharePoint Code

Code ID Code Name Code Details Publishers
38 SharePoint: Document Puller Extract any Word document from your SharePoint portal and save it on your hard disk!
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37 SharePoint: Email Sending Sending an email to all members of the site using .NET code
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36 SharePoint: Sites List How to get a list of sites in SharePoint using .NET code?
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35 SharePoint: How to upload a file to SharePoint? How to upload a file to SharePoint
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34 SharePoint: User Permissions Checking User Permissions in SharePoint Sites
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SharePoint Pakistan User Group

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